The European Union (EU) so-called NBS Task Forces for Horizon Research and Innovation Projects, aim to promote cross-fertilisation as well as collect, evaluate and diffuse experience on key substantive themes, spanning a wide spectrum of such EU-funded projects. This ongoing agenda is continuously developed notably under the aegis of Network Nature, a major coordinating body consisting of members representing many of the underlying individual projects. IKED representatives have been extensively engaged since 2020 in the area of Governance, Business Models and Financing (Task Force III), as well as on Co-Creation and Co-governance (Task Force VI).

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The EU NBS Task Forces serve as the summoning platforms for drawing together key lessons from the various NBS research and innovation projects pursued across Europe and beyond. Associated add-on analysis on specific themes of high priority have resulted in several significant publications over the past years, to which IKED has contributed with various strands of analysis. 

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In November 2022, at COP27 in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt, the EU NBS research and innovation project agenda was represented by IKED, which prepared and moderated two substantive panels, featuring panellist from different sectors and strands of expertise, in the EU as well as other parts of the world. One session elaborated on the Business Models and Financing agenda, while the other addressed Co-creation and Co-governance.  A hybrid format was arranged for these thematic panels, spanning on-site deliberations in the EU pavilion as well as active contributions by participants taking part on-line.

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