Starting January 1st, 2024, GoNaturePositive! is an EU-funded Horizon project scheduled to run over the next four years.  Coordinated by Trinity College in Dublin, the project sets out to explore and encourage means of achieving transformational change towards achieving a Nature-Positive Economy (NPE). 
As illustrated in the figure just below.  GoNaturePositivE! is divided into two parts. As one side of the coin, there is theoretical work, examining and concluding on ways forward in instituting transformational leadership. On the other side, there is practically oriented work focusing on NPE pilots, drawing lessons from the experience of those, as well as engaging with stakeholders, a High-level Impact Board and pursue other initiatives to operationalise the the findings of the project.

Figure A3.1: Conceptual Map, NPE

Source: GoNaturePositive! (2023)

As a key element of the second aspect, concentrated efforts will be pursued to nail down the driver of change, as they pertain to specific key actor categories. The following are in focus:
i) government and policy; 
ii) business and finance; 
iii) technology, and;  
iv) civil society and social change.
A critical aspect has to do with the interlinkages between these actor categories.  None of them may be expected to institute transformational changes in isolation. How can an systemic approach be crafted to achieve positive combinations and synergies allowing for substantive progress?

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