URBiNAT is an EU-funded NBS project, addressing " Healthy corridors as drivers of social housing neighborhoods, for the co-creation of social, environmental and marketable NBS". After six years of intensive collaborative activities, URBiNAT concluded end-March, 2024.

Bringing together some 30 partners, including nine cities along with research organisations, companies and other bodies, URBiNAT has pioneered new approaches to interventions in the urban environment, advanced in close collaboration with citizens and stakeholders. Lessons and recommendations have been drawn in support of new inspiration and mindset change among urban planners and all else engaged in shaping future cities more conducive to the well-being of citizens along with favorable stakeholder relations and also the progessing of Nature-based Enterprises and Organisations. 

In URBiNAT, IKED was responsible for coordination of non-EU partners, which included, Brasil, China, Iran, Japan, and Oman. IKED further coordinated research and applications addressing digital enablers, and work on Nature-based Organisations.

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